Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky

If you want something a little different, we encourage you to try this.  Turkey jerky infused with Michigan wild cherries and maple syrup.  A fabulous flavor!

Honey BBQ Beef Jerky

This is our best selling jerky.  A perfect mix of honey and barbeque sauce and very tender beef.  Many, many people have told us that this is the best jerky they've ever had!!

Honey Glazed Turkey Jerky

So tender, just sweet enough. Thick cuts of turkey with our sweet honey glaze. Mouth watering good!

Original Beef Jerky

We combine a little spicy with a little sweet with a little smoke.  A great "Go to" protein snack.  You won't get tired of this one.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

We combine a little smoke with our teriyaki spice of soy sauce and hints of ginger.  At any event where we are giving samples, this is always a hit.  

All of your pet treat needs!