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18” Handmade Display Case– This wooden, handmade display case is made in our own woodshop.  With a stained and lacquered finish, it is a handsome addition to any store.  The 18” x 12” footprint, basically 1 and ½ tiles on your floor, allows you to offer treats to the 50% of your customers who own a dog.  Product variety offers a treat for almost any dog in America, including:  Dog Biscuits, Natural and Flavored Rawhide, and Pork Femurs.  The Biscuits and Pork Femurs are Made in the USA.  The Rawhide items are a produced in Mexico and conforms to all strict USDA Guidelines using no harsh chemicals or additives.  They are flavored in our facility with human grade flavoring, using our “Small Batch” hand dipped method.

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4″White Rawhide Curl20 ct
9-11″White Rawhide Roll20 ct
3-4″White Donut24 ct
4oz/3″Peanut Butter Biscuits1 box of 18 bags
4oz/3″Variety Biscuits1 box of 18 bags
9-11″Peanut Butter Retriever Roll20 ct
9-11″Vanilla Retriever Roll20 ct
4-5″Peanut Butter Knot20 ct
4-5″Vanilla Knot20 ct
3-4″Peanut Butter Donut24 ct
7-9″Pork Femur12 ct
Weight70 lbs
Dimensions19 × 13 × 54 in


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